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Psychological Pre-Surgical Evaluation in Los Angeles

A successful surgical procedure does not only depend on the experience or skill of the surgeon or use of ultramodern technology. It also depends on the actions and characteristics of the patient undergoing surgery. This is why it is vital to carry out a psychological pre-surgical evaluation in Los Angeles before any surgical procedure.

The psychological pre-surgical evaluation aims to identify specific risk factors for a poor surgery, the readiness, behavioral challenges, as well as other emotional factors which can affect how the patient cope or adjust through the surgical procedure. However, to achieve accurate results, it is crucial that a certified Psychologist conducts the psychological pre-surgical evaluation in Los Angeles.

Dr. Jane Beresford is a certified Psychologist that is known to conduct expert psychological pre-surgical evaluations on patients who plan to undergo surgery and other complex medical procedures. Over the years, Dr. Jane Beresford has successfully carried out assessments and evaluations for surgery patients in Los Angeles, and the entire California area. This has helped in identifying specific medical and psychological risk factors that can occur in the event of an unsatisfactory surgical result.

Exceptional Psychological Pre-Surgical Evaluation from a Pre-Surgical Evaluation

Give a qualified Psychologist the opportunity to help with your psychological pre-surgical evaluation in Los Angeles. At the office of Dr. Beresford, we work with a team of experienced and licensed experts who have gone through years of learning and training on how to study the psychological behaviors of potential surgery patients.

Dr. Beresford and her expert team will conduct a semi-structured interview and other psychometric testing procedures on the patients. This will help determine the readiness, motivation, emotional factors, and behavioral challenges the patient is currently going through as they await the surgical procedure. With our tested and trusted techniques, rest assured of getting accurate and excellent results.

Furthermore, we can assess psychosocial threats that can occur in case of a poor outcome in patients undergoing surgical procedures, implantable drug pumps, spinal cord stimulation, and various other medical procedures. Our psychological pre-surgical evaluation will go a long way in preparing anyone around for the unexpected.

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Jane Beresford, Psy.D. and her team of certified Psychologist offer a comprehensive psychological pre-surgical evaluation to potential surgery patients. Our evaluations are highly affordable and hassle-free. They can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your surgical procedure. We are very transparent and detailed in every service we provide. We will not overlook even the slightest details.

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Therapist Sherman Oaks

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E! Channel

E!Dr. Beresford provided psychological screenings and evaluations for “What’s Eating You?”, E! Channel’s reality show about extreme eating disorders. The series chronicled the lives of men and women whose very survival was at risk as they battled not only their distorted body images, but also self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions.

Quoted in Books
Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life Dr. Beresford was interviewed by Lisa Friedman Bloch, co-author with Kathy Kirtland Silverman of “Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life” (Hay House, 2012), which explores how biological and psychological factors collide with the societal pressures men face, and provides advice on how women can help themselves and their men move through and enjoy this sometimes challenging phase. Dr. Beresford's experiences in working with couples during this transitional time are included in the book.