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Generally, our behaviors, attitude, and habits tend to be a reflection of our psychological makeup. As humans, we tend to naturally exhibit the way our mind and perspectives are programmed. This makes our mental health very crucial. Yet however important it is, mental health is yet a luxury for many. 
Consolidating this unfortunate reality with statistics, we see that one in every 5 adults in the United States is suffering mental health conditions. This figure cumulatively amounts to more than 40 million Americans suffering mental health issues ranging from mild conditions to serious conditions. Practically this humongous number is more than the combined population of Florida and New York. Isn’t this worrisome?
With an American society suffering a generally declining health conditions, the importance of the psychologist is gloriously emphasized. Psychologists like Dr. Jane Beresford, (one of the leading psychologists in Los Angeles) have positively revolutionized the mental health of many, restoring families and individuals across the United States. With a unique touch to her trade which you will not readily come across, Dr. Jane Beresford will reinvent your mind and get you on the right plane to achieve maximum success and happiness in life. 
Are you struggling to discover your goals and values? Do you need help accurately picking and your fortresses (that is your strong points) as well as your loopholes and areas of weakness to strengthen? Then you need Dr. Jane Beresford in her overwhelming curative expertise. Dr. Jane will reform you from the inside out, reconfiguring your mindset to produce the best of your potentials. Dr. Jane will reunite you with your true self, acquainting you with your innate strength and weaknesses. 
There are some of us yet with dilapidating relationships. For this set of people, building sustainable communication is even more difficult than climbing the Everest. Dr. Jane can help you rejuvenate and consolidate your listening and communication skills, enabling you to keep the best and most helpful company, strengthening your self-esteem and nourishing your confidence.
Life can a challenging box many of us are laboriously holed up in, but Dr. Jane can help you find rest and peace. As a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles as well as a seasoned educator in Oaks in California, Dr. Jane boasts such enriched clinical experience in the dynamics of mental health. 
She has extensively worked in several rehabilitation centers in the United States, mental health hospitals, domestic violence response units even as far as deploying her services to amazing results in a cancer support agency. Completing her post-doctoral internship in the prestigious Children’s Institute International located in Los Angeles, Dr. Jane Beresford experience of private service spans over 16 years. Upon being a devoted professional, Dr. Jane is kind and caring- the perfection intersection of humanity and professionalism. 
Life is fun and bliss – but only for those sound in the mind. You can be broke mentally, but you can’t afford to be broke psychologically. The world is such a beautiful place when you have a healthy mind. Why suffer depression, mental penury and other assortments of psychological abnormalities when you should be gallivanting jubilantly in good mental health, prosperity, and happiness with Dr. Jane by your side. 

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Psychologist Los Angeles

In The Media / Jane Beresford, Psy.D.

E! Channel

E!Dr. Beresford provided psychological screenings and evaluations for “What’s Eating You?”, E! Channel’s reality show about extreme eating disorders. The series chronicled the lives of men and women whose very survival was at risk as they battled not only their distorted body images, but also self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions.

Quoted in Books
Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life Dr. Beresford was interviewed by Lisa Friedman Bloch, co-author with Kathy Kirtland Silverman of “Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life” (Hay House, 2012), which explores how biological and psychological factors collide with the societal pressures men face, and provides advice on how women can help themselves and their men move through and enjoy this sometimes challenging phase. Dr. Beresford's experiences in working with couples during this transitional time are included in the book.