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Psychological Testing in Los Angeles

Psychological testing is a detailed assessment or evaluation test which is often carried out on an individual by a professional psychologist. The test is used to evaluate the intellectual, mental, emotional, and behavioral functioning of such a person. In order to achieve excellent results, it is advisable that your psychological testing in Los Angeles is carried out by an experienced, licensed psychologist.

If you are in search of a licensed psychologist to carry out various psychological and psycho-educational examination on you or your child, Dr. Jane Beresford is the perfect fit to get the job done. For several years now, Jane Beresford, Psy.D., and her team of licensed psychologist have been known to carry out well-detailed and accurate psychological testing to individuals, both children and adults, in Los Angeles, and nearby communities.


Reliable Provider of Psychological Assessment in Los Angeles

Dr. Jane Beresford is your reliable provider of psychological testing in Los Angeles. Our aim is to help individuals – children and adults – that are finding it hard to perform academically, develop strategies that will help them improve. 

At the physiological office of Jane Beresford, Psy.D., our team of licensed and certified psychologist will help determine the presence of any form of developmental delay in your child. In addition, we can also help in diagnosing and treating conditions like autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, addictive behaviors, emotional disturbances, depression, and so forth.

Our competent and experienced team with use tested and trusted techniques to understand what motivates you, your goals, as well as your values. We will take our time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and offer professional advice on how you can improve on them. Our outstanding psychological testing in Los Angeles is the perfect fit to help improve your problem-solving skills, enhance your self-esteem, and improve your confidence.


Choose Us for Your Psychological Testing in Los Angeles

Don’t lose sleep over the performance of your child in school or any other challenging situation you may be experiencing. Irrespective of what you are facing, our expert team of licensed psychologist will be available to work with you and help you get through. We will determine their learning disabilities and assist them on how to perform better. We will also provide you with various techniques for dealing with stress and depression.

What’s more, Dr. Jane Beresford will be available to receive and meet with you for a one-on-one session. Here, she will collect all related history and existing symptoms. Our psychological testing in Los Angeles will then be tailored to the challenges or issues you are facing. On completion of the psychological assessment, you will be provided with a well-detailed report. All your questions or concerns will be addressed by Dr. Jane Beresford during your session with her.


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For more information about our psychological testing in Los Angeles, get in touch with the psychological office of Jane Beresford, Psy.D. today. We will be happy to meet with you, and learn more about you. We will carry out accurate diagnosis and suggest the most effective treatment techniques.  We carry out psychological testing for both children and adults in Los Angeles.

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psychological testing Sherman Oaks

In The Media / Jane Beresford, Psy.D.

E! Channel

E!Dr. Beresford provided psychological screenings and evaluations for “What’s Eating You?”, E! Channel’s reality show about extreme eating disorders. The series chronicled the lives of men and women whose very survival was at risk as they battled not only their distorted body images, but also self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions.

Quoted in Books
Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life Dr. Beresford was interviewed by Lisa Friedman Bloch, co-author with Kathy Kirtland Silverman of “Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life” (Hay House, 2012), which explores how biological and psychological factors collide with the societal pressures men face, and provides advice on how women can help themselves and their men move through and enjoy this sometimes challenging phase. Dr. Beresford's experiences in working with couples during this transitional time are included in the book.