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Jane Beresford: Offering Licensed Psychological Evaluation To Los Angeles Patients

Jane Beresford works as a licensed psychologist in the Los Angeles area and one of her areas of specialization involves the administering of psychological evaluations. If you are in need of a licensed psychological evaluation in Los Angeles (or the surrounding areas), Jane is here to help.

When Jane Beresford provides a psychological evaluation to a Los Angeles patient, she is not just looking to diagnose their issues. Jane also wishes to provide them with a helpful solution. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Beresford, we can work towards a solution in a number of different ways.

Developing a Greater Understanding of Self

Dr. Beresford is not here to project her own opinions onto you. Her goal is to sit down with each patient individually and learn more about what their goals are. Dr. Beresford strives to learn as much as she can about what drives each patient on an individual level so that she is able to provide them with advice that is specifically tailored to their needs. This is what allows us to take a closer look into who you are as a person.

From there, we develop your knowledge of self. The best way to learn more about ourselves is by addressing the areas where we need improvement. I will also provide insight into all of the strengths that you have so that you have a more well rounded idea of who you are as a person and all of the ways that you can become even better.

Learning More About Our Impact on Others

It is not enough for you to learn more about yourself. You must also take the time to examine your place in the world and how you affect others with your behavior. That is why Dr. Beresford is here to help. She wants to increase the level of awareness that you have in this regard and wants to make sure that you come away from your psychological evaluation in Los Angeles feeling like a brand new human.

There are so many things that you may not know about the world and the way that you affect others until you sit down with a professional. Jane Beresford wants to help you to revive your communication skills so that you can make a positive impact on everyone that you meet.

Treating Various Conditions

Dr. Beresford is experienced when it comes to treating a wide range of areas and there are few limits to the assistance she can provide. Whether you are struggling with addiction or anxiety, she is happy to help. Patients who are experiencing mood related disorders, ADHD, depression, or grief related trauma can come here to receive the necessary assistance.

The same goes for those who are in the midst of life transitions or are dealing with martial concerns. School placement got you stressed out? Head to this location. Work related issues have you at your wit's end? Dr. Beresford is here to listen. If there any other conditions that you find yourself wondering about, Dr. Beresford is just a phone call away.

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psychological evaluation Sherman Oaks

In The Media / Jane Beresford, Psy.D.

E! Channel

E!Dr. Beresford provided psychological screenings and evaluations for “What’s Eating You?”, E! Channel’s reality show about extreme eating disorders. The series chronicled the lives of men and women whose very survival was at risk as they battled not only their distorted body images, but also self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions.

Quoted in Books
Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life Dr. Beresford was interviewed by Lisa Friedman Bloch, co-author with Kathy Kirtland Silverman of “Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life” (Hay House, 2012), which explores how biological and psychological factors collide with the societal pressures men face, and provides advice on how women can help themselves and their men move through and enjoy this sometimes challenging phase. Dr. Beresford's experiences in working with couples during this transitional time are included in the book.