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How is CBN Obtained?

You will not find CBN in a natural plant. Essentially, CBN comes from the degradation of THC – sort of. The process starts when THC is exposed to oxidization and exposure to UV light. You won’t find CBN in any young cannabis plants. The plants must already have flowers. A lot of people think that CBN is a degraded or impotent form of THC, but it is not like that at all!

CBN has been widely studied for its own medicinal benefits and how it can heal specific ailments. So how does CBN compare to CBD?


CBD is found in both the cannabis and hemp plants and is thought to be the most prevalent cannabinoid. On the other hand, CBN is most commonly found in cannabis plants that have already started aging a bit. Also, CBN is psychoactive, but it is not psychoactive like THC, meaning that it won’t get you high. The main reason that CBN is considered psychoactive is because of its mild sedative effects.

What Do We Know About CBN So Far?

Current research into CBN is showing promising therapeutic potential. Indeed, CBN has powerful sedative qualities, and it is considered the most powerful among the cannabinoids. A cannabis testing facility has reported that 2.5 to 5mg of CBN is essentially equivalent to a mild pharmaceutical sedative, such as 5 to 10mg of diazepam.

Although the studies of CBN are limited, the ones that do exist show a variety of different applications. For example, one such study showed CBN to be a powerful appetite stimulant, whereas CBD, by comparison, is more a regulator of appetites. Other benefits of CBN that are being discovered as research into CBN expands are positive effects on things such as pain, insomnia, inflammation, and seizures.

In addition to these breakthroughs, it seems that CBN also promotes the growth of new bone cells. Many of these benefits can be attributed to CBN and CBD, but CBD is far more researched and has a wider variety of applications. Most Endoca extracts will have very low levels of CBN and very high levels of CBD. We want to ensure that you get as wide a variety of cannabinoids as possible.

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As research progresses into this amazing plant, there is no doubt that there is going to be more discoveries when it comes to CBN, CBC, CBG, and even CBD. There are more than 100 cannabinoids. We expect to learn a lot of new information, much of it rather soon.

CBN Tinctures

In The Media / Jane Beresford, Psy.D.

E! Channel

E!Dr. Beresford provided psychological screenings and evaluations for “What’s Eating You?”, E! Channel’s reality show about extreme eating disorders. The series chronicled the lives of men and women whose very survival was at risk as they battled not only their distorted body images, but also self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions.

Quoted in Books
Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life Dr. Beresford was interviewed by Lisa Friedman Bloch, co-author with Kathy Kirtland Silverman of “Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life” (Hay House, 2012), which explores how biological and psychological factors collide with the societal pressures men face, and provides advice on how women can help themselves and their men move through and enjoy this sometimes challenging phase. Dr. Beresford's experiences in working with couples during this transitional time are included in the book.